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The Evaluation and Research Unit (ERU) plays a crucial role in supporting the research activities of the Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council (ZNFPC). Research activities are conducted in addition to analysis of service statistics and compilation of quarterly and annual reports. With a staff capacity of five and inadequate research skills existing in other units, the ERU finds it difficult to manage and monitor the diverse activities of the organization. To address these problems, a buy-in was signed between the Zimbabwe Government and USAID in May 1995. The objectives were to assist the ZNFPC in conducting operations research studies and strengthening the ERU’s research capacity. The ERU’s traditional role of implementing research had to be revised to research management. The ZNFPC requested that the Population Council’s Africa OR/TA II Project provide technical assistance to implement this new role. The ZNFPC convened a meeting of cooperating agencies, donors, government, and municipal departments to explore ways of improving the coordination and implementation of population activities in Zimbabwe. As noted in this document, recommendations from the meeting were developed and the Africa OR/TA Project used these as guidelines for designing future programs for strengthening the ERU’s research capacity.






Africa OR/TA Project II