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Research evidence shows that people who abuse alcohol are more likely to engage in behavior that puts them at risk of HIV infection, including having unprotected sex. In 2010, the Population Council’s APHIA II Operations Research Project collaborated with the Support for Addictions Prevention and Treatment in Africa Centre in Kenya on research to identify factors associated with alcohol and drug use among out-of-school youth in Kibera, to identify specific factors contributing to HIV risk, and to assess the impact of an intervention to link youths with an alcohol and drug abuse problem to counseling and rehabilitation services. A key finding was that older male out-of-school youths in Kibera were more vulnerable to alcohol and drug abuse than any other group of young people. The report recommends that programs target older male youths, while also developing interventions that address alcohol and drug use by younger boys. Youth-focused programs should consider integrating alcohol and drug education into their activities to mitigate their negative effects on risk behaviors as the youth grow older.





AIDS, Population, and Health Integrated Assistance (APHIA II) Operations Research Project