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As part of a Population Council program of research on unwanted pregnancy and induced abortion in Rajasthan, the Population Council and the Centre for Operations Research and Training conducted a situation analysis of abortion services in both the formal and informal sectors in six districts. This report offers insights into the availability and organization of abortion services in the sampled areas in Rajasthan. The report also documents a vast array of informal providers who offer services for delayed menstruation or unwanted pregnancy. Informal providers appear particularly accessible to women because they are far more prevalent in rural areas than formal providers, are generally well known in the community, maintain extended working hours, and sometimes provide care at women’s homes. The findings underscore the need to improve access to affordable, high-quality, legal abortion services, particularly in rural areas. Until this is done, informal providers and uncertified facilities will remain the best option for poor and rural women despite the fact that abortion has been legal in India for over 30 years.