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On May 7–8, 2001, the Population Council and the Center for Reproductive Health Research & Policy of the University of California, San Francisco, convened a technical seminar in New York City on the use of misoprostol for women’s health indications. The seminar was designed to provide a forum for researchers, providers, women’s health advocates, and educators to exchange information with the goal of advancing the potential of misoprostol to improve women’s health. Participants discussed the state of the art in research, examined current clinical use of misoprostol, and created strategies for the future. The first day focused on scientific and clinical aspects of misoprostol use. The second day’s discussion centered on the future of misoprostol for women’s health, including identifying priorities for research and the role of provider groups and women’s health and advocacy organizations in helping to ensure misoprostol’s continued, appropriate use. At the end of each session, the group had an opportunity to share ideas and discuss unanswered questions. This report covers the key issues raised by each speaker and highlights general areas of discussion among participants.