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The Population Council embarked on a three-year project to explore the acceptability of the progesterone vaginal ring (PVR) among women in sub-Saharan Africa and to develop a strategic plan for its introduction. This technical report presents the findings of the assessments in Kenya with specific focus on: (1) the country’s demographic profile; (2) the health systems, health policy, and family planning program context; and (3) stakeholder perspectives regarding the PVR. The findings suggest that the introduction of the PVR would fill a gap in the family planning needs of breastfeeding women in Kenya, and there is strong support from stakeholders for its future introduction. Given the health system challenges (staffing and infrastructure), there is a need for contraceptives that require little training on the part of the provider, do not require a sophisticated health infrastructure, are long-acting and thus do not require monthly visits to a health center, are user-friendly and woman-controlled, and are safe. The PVR addresses all of these concerns and, based on the information documented thus far, is likely to be a welcome addition to the existing contraceptive method mix in the country.






The Progesterone Contraceptive Vaginal Ring: Expanding Contraceptive Options in Africa