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As they move through adolescence, young people begin to have different kinds of relationships with their peers, family members, and adults; good communication and other skills can help ensure that these relationships are satisfying and mutually respectful. Young people need to learn to manage new feelings about sexuality to make responsible decisions about their health, reproduction, and parenthood. This manual, the second edition of the Kenya Adolescent Reproductive Health Curriculum, is for teachers; community, religious, and youth group leaders; health care professionals; and anyone working with young people. The curriculum is designed to delay sexual debut and promote sexual and reproductive health by addressing gender, reproductive health, preventive behaviors, sexually transmitted infections, HIV and AIDS, abstinence, gender violence, and decision-making, communication, and other important life skills. The curriculum’s objectives are to increase adolescents' knowledge of reproductive health and sexuality, reinforce and promote attitudes and behaviors that will lead to a better quality of life, and instill skills to enable them to overcome the challenges of growing up and become responsible adults including communication skills, decision-making, assertiveness, setting goals, and resisting peer pressure.






Frontiers in Reproductive Health