Shaping Demand and Practices to Improve Family Health Outcomes: Designing a Behavior Change Communication Strategy in India, Volume 2: Bihar

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Maternal and child-health indicators have remained poor in northern India, with various factors contributing to continued mortality and morbidity. Communication strategies play a powerful role in addressing the barriers to, and shaping demand for, the adoption of preventive health practices. This volume, covering Bihar, provides information on family dynamics that could be used to develop a comprehensive behavior change communication (BCC) strategy on family health in northern India. The study focuses on increasing the adoption of eight family-health behaviors that have a significant bearing on Millennium Development Goals. Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, this BCC study has been designed on a comprehensive scale, based on evidence generated from large, formative studies to identify the barriers and factors facilitating the adoption of family-health behaviors. Unlike most BCC studies that are based on cognitive theories of behavior change, this study, which integrates the broader social context, media choices, program structure, and audience interaction that influences the target behaviors, is a valuable resource for policymakers, program implementers, researchers, and field-level individuals alike.


ISBN: 9788132108979




Assessing Family Health Practices in Bihar State, India