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The Primary Healthcare Revitalization, Integration, and Decentralization in Earthquake-affected Areas (PRIDE) program is designed to improve primary health-care services and health outcomes for populations in Bagh and Mansehra districts in northern Pakistan that were affected by the devastating earthquake that struck on October 8, 2005. The project aims to strengthen the financial and human resource management capacities of district health authorities and primary health-care providers. Access to and quality of primary health-care services will be improved through an essential package of health services and improved skills of primary health-care personnel. Community demand for quality services will be improved through an innovative social mobilization process aimed at increasing knowledge and care-seeking behaviors. This system supports all who participate in it, while specifically addressing the health needs of the most vulnerable: women, children, the elderly, and families ravaged by the earthquake. PRIDE developed a Performance Management Plan that establishes baseline measures for the evaluation of the success of the project. This Bagh District baseline report presents data for Bagh and its tehsils (administrative divisions).