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This manual is a comprehensive, standardized, step-by-step guide for Population Council staff to use when designing and implementing community-based pilot interventions for the prevention of postpartum hemorrhage using misoprostol. The introduction and background section provide basic information about maternal mortality, normal and abnormal pregnancy, and postpartum hemorrhage. This section also describes prevailing methods of prevention and treatment for postpartum hemorrhage, active management of the third stage of labor, and use of misoprostol for the prevention and control of postpartum hemorrhage. The second half of the manual focuses on how to develop a protocol for an intervention study on misoprostol. It includes steps on submitting the research protocol including informed consent to the IRB for approval and developing training modules. Last, the manual explains the importance of monitoring and evaluation, data collection and review, preparation for the conduct of a rigorous study following Good Clinical Practice, and analysis and report-writing. The manual is intended for use by Population Council staff with suitable modification to fit the context of their study community and stakeholders.