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In response to concerns about the side effects of the IUD, the commonly known reversible, long-term method in Ghana, and to curb the shift from long-term to short-term methods, the Ghana Health Service decided to expand women’s contraceptive method choices by introducing the Levonorgestrel-releasing Intrauterine System (LNG-IUS), a hormonal IUD, into the contraceptive method mix. The LNG-IUS is a uterine contraceptive that provides effective long-term protection up to five years. Even though the product has been certified as safe and effective, it was necessary to ensure that it satisfies client’s needs and meets provider expectations. The Population Council, in collaboration with the Reproductive and Child Health Unit of the Family Health Division of the Ghana Health Service and EngenderHealth, implemented an intervention to evaluate the acceptability of the LNG-IUS among family planning clients and to explore effective ways of scaling it up throughout the country. As noted in this report, the study also explored promotion and sustainability strategies to enhance the integration of the product into the family planning method mix.