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In Bangladesh, in addition to schooling, work opportunities, and family-building patterns, social networks, mobility, and civic participation are important dimensions of young people’s lives. Previous studies have suggested ways in which the seclusion of Bangladeshi women by purdah exerts a strong influence on girls’ lives. This Bangladeshi Association for Life Skills, Income, and Knowledge for Adolescents (BALIKA) fact sheet, “Highlight on Girls’ Social Lives,” concludes that school enrollment plays a positive role by affording girls greater mobility and access to clubs and institutions, and by promoting social interactions. Adolescent girls in rural Bangladesh are usually socially isolated, and have restricted mobility, few friends, and are vulnerable to physical, economic, and sexual abuse inside and outside the home. School enrollment creates important contrasts in the social lives of adolescent girls. Compared to in-school adolescent girls, the lives of out-of-school girls are more restricted. In-school girls are more liberal in choosing friends from other religions and are more positive about interfaith marriage. More access to social/cultural associations and institutions likely increases the decision-making skills of adolescent girls regarding early marriage and other development issues.






BALIKA (Bangladeshi Association for Life Skills, Income, and Knowledge for Adolescents)