Aruna Rao

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Case Study

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This issue of SEEDS describes a project that was started in 1985 to encourage the growth of a new agricultural sector, dairy farming, in Thailand. While the major aim of the project was to increase incomes of rural families in the Muek-Lek Land Reform Area in Saraburi Province, Central Thailand, it also sought to integrate women into dairying activities, and offer these women, whether married or single, access to credit. The Muek-Lek Dairy Project is unique in that it channeled government resources and secured commercial bank financing to make women the key participants in a relatively new and growing agricultural sector in Thailand. Primarily the initiative of two prominent Thai women, a banker and the director of a national NGO, with the support of an international women's banking organization, the project has had a major impact on increasing women's income, status, and access to government and private-sector resources.





Issue no. 12 of SEEDS, a pamphlet series developed to provide information about innovative and practical program ideas to address the economic roles and needs of low-income women.