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This book presents a selection of empirical conclusions, or findings, from the body of family planning research that has accumulated over the last two decades. Twelve topics of current interest are reviewed, as a sequel to three similar publications issued in 1971, 1972, and 1974. A findings document compresses what has been learned into straightforward declarative statements, giving summary evidence to support each statement. In cases where a conclusion is well founded, with extensive supporting evidence, only illustrative or summary references are needed. In other cases, citations are required for individual studies. Generalizations that are unsupported or too ambiguous to permit a definite statement do not qualify for inclusion. Methodology and theory are not the primary concern; rather, the focus is on research results that merit particular attention. Thus, solid conclusions are included, along with important evidence. It is important to establish a record outlining evidence that underlies each finding, with identification of which country or region it comes from. With time, this record should evolve, and then the current compilation will serve as a point of departure for restatement.