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This report on current intervention models is part of a larger research study entitled “Intervention Needs for the Prevention of Trafficking and the Care and Support of Trafficked Persons in the Context of an Emerging HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Nepal.” The United States Agency for International Development supported this comprehensive study under the Population Council’s Horizons Program. The Population Council subcontracted the Asia Foundation in Kathmandu to conduct the research. This report documents and analyzes current intervention models for the prevention of trafficking and the care and support of trafficked persons in Nepal. Between August and September 2000, two researchers interviewed four key informants, one donor agency, and two international and eight local NGOs based in Kathmandu. All of these individuals and organizations support or implement anti-trafficking programs or have extensive knowledge of trafficking-related issues in Nepal. This research aims to understand current perceptions of trafficking and identify the assumptions that explicitly or implicitly inform intervention approaches. A comparative analysis of different intervention approaches was made using a human rights framework.