Population and Reproductive Health in India: An Assessment of the Current Situation and Future Needs

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India has expressed its commitment to ensuring a healthy, educated, skilled, and employed population through a large number of policies and programmes. Additionally, legislative measures in the area of sexual and reproductive health, youth and gender issues have highlighted the nation's commitment to addressing reproductive rights, as well as the rights of women and young people. Progress has been made: Almost all children are in school, life expectancy has increased, gender disparities in schooling and life expectancy have narrowed, maternal and infant mortality have declined, more and more couples have exercised their right to bear only the children they want, and HIV rates have fallen. At the same time, there remain many areas in which progress has been uneven, and which, if not addressed soon, will affect people's wellbeing and violate their rights. This volume synthesizes available evidence pertaining to the current situation and progress made in improving the health and population situation and realizing rights of women, men and the young, and obstacles that may have impeded progress, and outlines priority areas for action.