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Domestic work is one of the most common forms of paid work among girls in Ethiopia, especially among the sizable number of girls who migrate from rural to urban areas. Child domestic work is not necessarily exploitative or harmful. Child domestic servitude, however, is characterized by exploitative and harmful working conditions, with children experiencing subjugation and intimidation. It’s typically characterized by excessively low or no salary, few or no days off, limited or restricted freedom of movement, and denial of a minimum level of privacy, safe living conditions, and health care. Through the Reducing the Prevalence of Child Domestic Servitude in Addis Ababa initiative, the Population Council and Freedom Fund undertook a scoping study to contribute to the design of a prevalence study of child domestic workers in Ethiopia’s capital. This report summarizes the qualitative findings from in-depth interviews with stakeholders and experts in the field of child domestic work in Ethiopia.

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