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The female condom (FC) is the only safe and effective female-initiated method that provides simultaneous protection against unintended pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. An exploratory exercise was conducted by the Population Council to gain an understanding of the current and historical landscape of FC procurement, distribution, and programming in Ghana and to explore the viability of enhancing national FC promotion. The exercise revealed that a large-scale launch of the FC occurred in Ghana in 2000 and was largely successful in raising product awareness; however, uptake remained low. Momentum has waned since the initial launch and financial support for large-scale promotion and distribution is lacking. Thus, while the product is reportedly available in the public and private sector, social marketing efforts are virtually absent, education materials are limited, distribution primarily occurs in urban areas, and programmers have limited information about FC users. The majority of interviewed stakeholders feel that greater resources should be committed to the FC’s promotion. Drawing upon stakeholders’ suggestions and synthesis of key findings, this report offers specific recommendations for moving forward with an initiative to enhance FC promotion.