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Around the world, adolescent girls are disadvantaged by age and gender. Many are denied the skills and resources to protect and advance themselves. Adolescent girls are even more vulnerable to exploitive work, abuse, and limiting life options if they are poor. Adolescent girls are marginalized or entirely invisible in development policy, yet their role in communities and populations make them a critical asset to achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). International donors and development partners have started to recognize the critical role adolescent girls play in achieving the MDGs. The purpose of the Adolescent Girls Programming and Capacity-building Workshop was to build the capacity of a group of NGOs to develop health, social, and economic asset-building programs for adolescent girls in sub-Saharan Africa. Organized by the Population Council, the workshop brought together 14 organizations from seven African countries to learn and share strategies for programming. As noted in this report, the workshop offered skills, project development, discussion, and strategic planning on how international organizations, governments, and local communities can better structure programs to reach this promising but neglected segment of society.






Adolescent Girls' Programming: Community of Practice