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The Female Condom (FC) is the only female-initiated prevention product on the market today that provides simultaneous protection against STIs, including HIV, and unintended pregnancy. However, the FC remains limited in supply, not widely available, and underutilized in many settings. Improvements in FC programming are essential to achieve increased uptake and public health impact, and to pave the way for future women’s HIV prevention products. The Population Council’s Female-Initiated Prevention Methods project aimed to stimulate action and generate evidence around FC access through innovative program experimentation. The study was conducted to understand the challenges and opportunities these different access models present: FP/RH clinics, VCT centers, and private sector workplaces. This study suggests that consistent and free or low-cost supply of FC in a variety of settings is feasible and acceptable. Across the three service environments, FC appears to be an acceptable method; almost all participants were willing to recommend FC to others, and agreed that FC should be made widely available in Kenya. Almost all were willing to pay for FC, though at amounts lower than market prices.