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Enabling young people to make a successful transition to work roles is one of the major thrusts of the Jharkhand Youth Policy. Two of the policy’s six objectives are directed toward achieving this goal: promoting education, vocational education, and training opportunities for youth and facilitating access to information, guidance, and employment; and creating an enabling environment for sustainable and gainful livelihood, employment, financial credit, and other services. This policy brief documents the extent to which youth in the state are equipped to make a successful transition to work roles and the extent to which they are making that transition. Are they transitioning into work roles at appropriate ages and with adequate skills? Are opportunities available that enable youth to overcome skill mismatches through vocational skills training? Are youth finding productive employment and becoming integrated into the labor market? Looking at the current employment situation, this policy brief argues that significant investment in terms of appropriate policies and programs is required to improve the employability of young people in Jharkhand and thereby enable them to find full and productive employment.






Youth in India: Situation and Needs Study