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Rural girls in Ethiopia face significant challenges on a host of issues including health, education, civic participation, and access to services. Beyond traditional female roles of wife and mother, the livelihood options open to girls and women are narrow. The goal of the Ethiopia “Brain Trust” project is to expand and improve programs for rural girls in Ethiopia. Under the Trust, a team of program practitioners convenes to explore best practices in reaching and supporting rural girls. Currently, 18 organizations are represented in the Trust. In addition, the Trust seeks to improve networking and information sharing among program practitioners working with rural girls in Ethiopia. This directory is a step in promoting collaboration and coordination among those working with rural girls. It also provides programmatic examples for organizations intending to work with rural girls. Entries in this directory include a range of programs addressing early marriage, abduction, female genital mutilation/cutting, gender relations, sexual and gender-based violence, livelihoods, access to education, and access to reproductive health information and services, among others.