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The Community Counseling Aides (CCA) project operating with support from the National AIDS Control Programme (NACP) in Uganda, is a government initiative being carried out in collaboration with local communities. As the Ministry of Health seeks to develop local capacity to support and operate these efforts at the community level, it has identified the need to improve the skills of local project staff so that they may begin to assume the responsibility for monitoring and evaluating their own program performance. This is part of an overall strategy on the part of the Ugandan Government to decentralize control and allocation of resources within the health sector to the local level. The CCA project’s experience in carrying out the four interventions described in this report goes beyond validating what people are doing at the local level. It provides evidence of how much more effective grassroots organizations can be in carrying out their work if provided with simple but appropriate forms of technical assistance. Modest investments of time, expertise, and financial support, executed in a participatory fashion, can yield generous returns.