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This study examines the experiences of YRG CARE, a Chennai-based NGO, which provides an integrated continuum of prevention, care, and support services for PLHA in South India. In this Horizons report, the authors examine the process of scaling up YRG CARE’s patient-centered approach and how this led to the enhanced provision of care and support services at four selected sites. Networking and collaboration among providers at all sites were essential parts of the strategy. At the end of project workshop, scale-up participants and YRG CARE affirmed their intention to continue collaboration in order to build on the successes of the project, and to bring other new sites into the network in order to improve and expand the continuum of care and support in the region. This determination to extend the collaboration, even though the research project and external technical and financial support had ended, was perhaps one of the strongest indications that concept replication as a strategy for scaling up is sustainable in the long term.





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