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This report was prepared by UNESCO and WHO for presentation at the HIV and AIDS Treatment Education Technical Consultation in Paris, November 22–23, 2005. There is a growing realization among program managers and donors that merely providing antiretroviral therapy (ART) and training health providers is not sufficient and that unless efforts are made to engage communities and individuals to improve their knowledge and understanding of HIV, AIDS, and ART, programs will not meet the targets set by these initiatives and will fall short of contributing to the goal of attaining universal access to treatment. This report describes current research and field experiences related to HIV and AIDS treatment education undertaken with individuals and communities and focuses on a select number of treatment education programs and a treatment literacy intervention. Programs in Africa and Asia were selected because they represent a range of treatment education and adherence support interventions that target individuals and/or communities in developing countries, where documentation has been more limited. The report highlights some of the successes of these programs and identifies the gaps and problems experienced while conducting treatment education.




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