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Although India has over 600,000 registered AYUSH practitioners who are engaged in homeopathic, Ayurvedic, and Unani systems of medicine, they have not been integrated into the country’s national health system. While practitioners of these systems of medicine treat all illnesses, they have a special niche in providing services to address men’s sexual health concerns (Gupt Rog). A project on Research and Intervention in Sexual Health: Theory to Action was undertaken by the International Institute for Population Sciences/Mumbai, the Population Council/New Delhi, and partners, in three slum communities in Mumbai, from 2001–07. The objective was to control the spread of sexually transmitted infections including HIV through the involvement of doctors practicing all forms of medicine. A holistic approach was employed to integrate key concepts from AYUSH and allopathic systems of medicine. This manual, which includes exercises and supplementary material to facilitate the understanding, learning, and application of concepts into practice, has great potential to prevent and manage STIs and HIV as the Government of India scales up efforts to develop and promote the AYUSH system of medicine.